Planning Permits

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A planning permit is a legal document giving permission for land use or property development. If required, it must be obtained before a building permit can be issued. A planning permit is required for a broad range of projects. Typically, a planning permit is required when...

  • Starting a business
  • Constructing, altering, or extending a building
  • Subdivision of land
  • Clearing native vegetation from land
  • Displaying a sign
  • Changing the use of a property
  • Applying for a liquor licence

It is an offence to use, or to develop land, if that use or development needs a planning permit and you have not obtained one.

Development Solutions Victoria can assist property developers, business people and home builders in obtaining a planning permit. The process which we often adopt encompasses the following stages...

  • Application to council
  • Pre-Planning meeting
  • Co-ordination between designers, engineers and other relevant professionals
  • Determine planning requirements
  • Planning scheme assessment