Planning Scheme Amendments

3d gray render of a city layout

A Planning Scheme can be amended in various ways.

In some cases, an amendment may involve just changing a planning scheme map and others may change the ordinance (written sections)
or both.

A Planning Scheme Amendment is applied for through the Council, however must be approved by the Minister for Planning.

From Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website:

Councils can amend planning schemes to achieve a planning outcome or to support a new policy direction. For example, if a council wanted to protect the character of a residential area that demonstrated heritage significance it would amend the scheme to introduce a Heritage Overlay to the area.

Amendments to the scheme have significant planning implications and affect the wider community because they change the way land can be used or developed, and change the basis for making planning decisions in the future.

Our role at Development Solutions Victoria is to supply all supporting documentation to the Council, assessment against requirements under the Planning and Environment Act 1987, coordinate the process, facilitate public consultation.