When you engage Development Solutions Victoria, you are employing over 20 years of experience in the planning and building industry, with a high reputation of success for our clientele.

Development Solutions Victoria offer a wide range of development assistance, including but not limited to:

  • Dual Occupancies
  • Multi-unit developments
  • Residential developments
  • Dwelling additions and alterations
  • Vegetation Removal
  • Commercial or Industrial Use
  • Car Parking dispensations
  • Signage
  • Subdivisions
  • Liquor Licenses



Our services include:

Pre Planning Advice – Prior to purchasing land, Development Solutions Victoria can provide a broad range of support planning services. These include:

  • Site selection assistance
  • Research on previous permits issued
  • Relevant Council requirements
  • Provide clear understanding of the planning and building controls
  • Preliminary discussions with Council
  • Streamlining and simplifying the planning process for a successful outcome

Planning Permits – A planning permit is a legal document giving permission for land use or property development from your local Council. If required, it must be obtained before a building permit can be issued. Development Solutions Victoria manage all aspects of your planning application from the initial design stage to guiding the application through Council. We are experienced in all aspects of preparing and submitting the applications as well as liaising directly with the local Council, consultants and stakeholders.

Project Facilitation – We often meet with a developer or builder who has a concept, but they are unsure whether their development will satisfy planning requirements. Development Solutions Victoria will work directly with you to discuss your idea and coordinate a pathway through the planning process. This will involve, project coordination, design consultation and feasibility study.

Strategic Planning – Strategic Planning refers to the Planning Scheme, Policies and supporting documents which control and guide planning. A Planning Scheme amendment is applied for through the local Council, however, must be approved by the Minister of Planning. Councils can amend Planning Schemes to achieve a planning outcome, or to support a new policy direction.  Amendments to a Planning Scheme have significant planning associations and affect the wider community as they alter the way land can be used or developed and change the foundation for making planning decision in the future.



Building Permits – In almost most cases a building permit is required for any building works. Development Solutions Victoria will help you determine if a building permit is required, prepare all of the documentation and lodge with the selected building surveyor.

BAL Assessments - A Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) is a method of measuring the severity of a building's potential exposure to ember attack, radiant heat and direct flame contact. There are 6 levels which determine the minimum construction standards outlined in AS 3959-2018 according to bushfire attack. These levels range from BAL-LOW to BAL-FZ (Flame Zone). We will assess your site and identify the applicable BAL for your development.

Report and Consent – When a proposed building development does not meet siting requirements, Councils Municipal Building Surveyor is to determine if the design is allowable. This is known as a Report and Consent. An example may be, if the proposed building is too close to a side or front title boundary, or a wall on a boundary is greater than the maximum allowed height. In most cases the surrounding areas characteristics and adjoining neighbours’ comments are taken into consideration. We can assist in determining if Report and Consent is required as well as seeking approval from the Municipal Building Surveyor.

Easement Approval – Many properties are affected by easements. For example, these may be a sewer, drainage, powerline or carriageway easement. We can apply for consent from each relevant authority to build over an easement if required.

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